JINRIKI Co., Ltd.
 9514-1 Nakaminowa, Minowamachi, Kamiina District, Nagano
 TEL : 050-5835-1002
 FAX : 0265-98-8968

Company Profile
Message from the Representative
World’s first emergency evacuation system for wheelchairs.
“Wheelchair you can pull, not only push”

We started the world's first mission to create a wheelchair with this incredible function.
In the current condition where many natural disasters concerning water are occurring in both coastal areas and mountainous areas, not to forget the great disaster that struck the North east region of Japan, how to evacuate people in need of care in cases of emergencies is a critical problem we have to solve.
To confront this problem, we do indeed need government level disaster prevention policies including system and infrastructural solutions, however, at JINRIKI, we continue to develop products that can be utilized immediately in times of emeregencies. I cannot stop hoping that this Columbus’s egg like idea of world’s first “wheelchair towing device JINRIKI” will save the smile and life of all people who have to do with wheelchairs.
Company Profile
Company Name JINRIKI CO., Ltd.
Main Headquarter 〒399-4601  1536 Nakaminowa, Minowamachi, Kamiina District, Nagano Prefecture, JAPAN
Telephone / FAX 【Main】
TEL: +81-050-5835-1002 FAX: +81-0265-98-8968

【Sales Div.】
TEL: +81-050-5835-1000 FAX: +81-0265-98-8921

【Osaka Showroom】
TEL: +81-050-5835-1001 FAX: +81-06-6147-8950
Board Members 【President & CEO】   Masayoshi Nakamura
【Board Member】       Shinsuke Saito
【Auditor】       Kennichi Furuichi
Japan Offices 【Headquarter Plant】     Minowamachi, Kamiina District, Nagano Prefecture
【Osaka Office】    1-1-3 Osaka Ekimae Dai3 Building, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka
1001 BISHOP ST.#2850, HONOLULU, HI 96813 USA
Date of Foundation August 1, 2012
Capital  35,000,000 yens
Business Description    Development, designing, manufacturing and sales of assistive devices for people with disabilities
Development, designing, manufacturing and sales of emergency and disaster prevention equipments
Main Clients Wheelchair manufacturers
Vendors of assistive devices for people with disabilities
Vendors of disaster prevention equipments
Public transportation
Municipal governments etc.
Main Bank   Hachijuni Bank
Product Test Japan Assistive Products Evaluation Center (JASPEC)
Supervision Central Clinic Group (Aichi, Japan)
Intellecutual Property Management Global Intellectual Property